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Lenguaje de clase



Good morning.

Good afternoon.

How are you? I’m fine, thanks.

Al pasar lista

Where is (David) today?

Is (David) away today?

Instrucciones básicas


Thank you.

In English, please.

Come in, please.

Go out, please.

Come here, please.

Sit down, please.

Stand up, please.

Go back to your place, please.

Point to the flashcards, please.

Look at the flashcards, please.

Open your books at page …, please.

Close your books, please.

Clear everything from the table, please.

Go to page 2.

Look at Activity 1.

Write the answers.

Draw (an insect).

Quiet, please.

Listen to me, please.

Listen to the CD, please.

Listen again.

Say after me, please.

Say after the CD.

Read quietly, please.

Get into pairs, please.

All together.

Come and choose a (flashcard).

Comunicación esencial

I’ve finished.

Well done!

I don’t understand.

What’s this in English/Spanish?

What does ‘tea’ mean?

Any questions?

Can you help me, please?

Can I go to the toilet, please?

Yes, of course.

Can you repeat that, please?

Is this right?

Yes, it is. Very good!

No, that’s wrong.

Lenguaje de cada día

What day is it today?

Today is (Monday).

What’s the weather like today?

It’s (sunny).

Now we’re going to …

… listen to a story.

… do a cross-curricular activity.

… sing a song.

… do an activity in the Class Book.

… play a game.

Can you guess what we’re going to do today?

What do you think we’re going to do first?

What do you think we’re going to do next?

Yes! Well done! We’re going to sing a song first.

Para decir adiós

Goodbye, see you next lesson.

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